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Dr. Melissa Talbott, Dr. Mark Montano and Dr. Kyle Richardson place great significance on providing compassionate care so you can achieve a smile that you feel proud of! Please feel free to contact us today to become a part of our amazing dental family.

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Our dental team enjoys providing kind and trustworthy service that uplifts and motivates our patients to take good care of their smiles!

Dr Melissa Talbott
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Dr. Melissa Talbott

Dr Melissa Talbott
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Dr. Mark Montano

Dr Melissa Talbott
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Dr. Kyle Richardson

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We do our best to be prepared for any oral health issue you may have. If you seek assistance with your smile, come visit our dentists for comprehensive care in Falcon and Fountain, Colorado!

Dr Melissa Talbott

Our Dental Spa (Falcon Location)

Our dental office thrives on providing care that rejuvenates our patients and their overall health. Our practice features a dental spa to help you relax during your time in the waiting room. We do our best to help ease your dental anxiety by creating a warm and relaxing setting full of convenient perks and amenities. We take great care in crafting the lighting and décor of our spa to help you feel comfortable and at ease before your treatment. For those who often experience stress or anxiety in the dental chair, a spa treatment can relax the patient and make it easier for our dentists to provide safe and effective care.

Dr Melissa Talbott

Giving Back to the Community

Here at Just for Grins, we find great value and purpose in giving service to our wonderful community. We devote ourselves to serving local schools each year through generous donations, and we also do our best to be of service during times of crisis. By volunteering, we are given a great opportunity to get to know the individuals of our community and develop long-lasting relationships with those who are most in need.

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